3rd Prize to Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award 2023
University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, for the work “Magna Carta Libertatum” for flute, clarinet, harp, vibraphone, violin, viola, violoncello (University of Illinois 2023)

Honorable mention to “Eine Stimme steht im Dunkel” International Composition Competition 2023
Univeristy of Vienna, for the work “Frage” for choir and piano (Vienna 2023)

1st Prize to 4th International Composition Competition in Vienna 2023
for the work “Mare Imbrium” for chamber ensemble (Vienna 2023)

1st Prize to 7th International Composition Competition in Manhattan 2023
for the work “Never-ending rain” for piano (June 2023)

Lina Tonia in Universal Edition: The works of the composer are now published by Universal Edition
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Lina Tonia: Composer of the Year 2020
New York World Music Awards from The Federation of American Musicians, Singers and Performing Artists (FAMSPA)

2nd Prize to GEDOK International Composition Competition 2020
for the 150th anniversary of Ida Dehmel, for the work ALMA for soprano, clarinet and piano, Munich, September 2020

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Stars Illustrated Year Book, November 2020, Times Square Press, New York
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Stars Illustrated Magazine, August 2020, Times Square Press, New York
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Upcoming Interview:
Stars Illustrated Magazine, January 2021, Times Square Press, New York
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for the work “The sea of rains” for accordion, piano, violin and cello, September 2019

New Edition!
The Theory of Music published by Panas music
Η θεωρία της Μουσικής (Τεύχος 1,2,3) από τον εκδoτικό οίκο Παπαγρηγορίου – Νάκας

New Interview!
“Composer Lina Tonia on the quest for uniqueness and going beyond Greek borders”
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